YearPhD StudentsBroad Topic/ProjectsStatus
Jun 2021Gangadari Varaprasad Multi-agent systems (Co-supervisor with Dr. I. Kar)Ongoing
Jun 2020Paraj GanchauduriMulti-agent systemsOngoing
Jan 2020Saikat GopePseudo-random generators (Co-supervisor with Dr. S. Krishnaswamy)Ongoing
YearM.Tech StudentsBroad Topic/ProjectsStatus
2021-2022Priyaranjan KumarVision based control of UGVsOngoing
2021-2022Kurugodu Chaithanya KumarCoverage planning for UAVsOngoing
2020-2021Timjim K MominVision based control of UGVsCompleted
2020-2021N. NikhilAlgorithms of weakly unobservable and
strongly reachable subspaces
Control Engineer at Wabtec, Bengaluru
2020-2021Meet Ashokbhai PatelOn algorithms of model order reductionSystem Engineer at TCS (Innovation Lab) Bengaluru
YearB.Tech StudentsBroad Topic/ProjectsStatus
2021-2022Aijnkya BhandareMotion Planning For Coordinated Movement Of UAVs and UGVsOngoing
2020-2021K.M.SudarshanVision based control of multi-agent systemsData Operation Engineering Analyst at Blackrock, Gurgaon
2020-2021R.Vinay KumarVision based control of multi-agent systemsComplete